We’re busy freeze-drying a better future over here.

While traditional harvesting degrades food and 50% of food is wasted at grocery stores and restaurants, our plant-based formulas preserve every juicy morsel. Realm locks-in superfood goodness at scale from the start. Nothing goes to waste. Everything goes to taste.

Let’s prioritize nutrient-rich ingredients that are so ethically sourced, eating them actively keeps them in our food chain for the foreseeable future. You’re not going anywhere, regeneratively-farmed mango! We crush climate-friendly ingredients into superfood gold with the tiniest eco footprint possible.

Best-in-class farming. Best-in-glass smoothies.

When you think of reversing climate crisis, you probably don’t think of smoothies.

Our plant-based, freeze-dried ingredients can’t exactly pull off a cape. Meet the heroes who can––our planet-obsessed farmers and suppliers. In addition to raising the ingredients that cancel out food waste, they replant thousands of trees, reclaim millions of gallons of wastewater, and recycle millions of pounds of materials.

If one smoothie company can do all this, think what an entire food industry can do.

Lighter to ship. Smaller to store. Easier to scale.

Buying smoothie-lovers time while pumping out more carbon isn’t a solution. Realm was created to save everything that is precious to us. Minutes in the morning. Space in the fridge. Produce shelf life. The air we breathe.

The freeze-dried genius of our ingredients means we can ship a lighter product with a much smaller impact on the planet. This means less fuel and fewer carbon emissions to give the people the climate-friendly superfoods they love.