ticket in. smoothie up.


Our blends can be made to order in seconds. Just blend with water, ice, and a bit of banana!

We provide everything you need:

  • Realm smoothie blends
  • Branded cups (compostable)
  • Pop-up menus and displays
  • Blenders with tops for quick service

Enhance the blends for customers?

  • Add espresso to Bold Cacao
  • Add matcha to Tropical Greens or Maqui Superfruit
  • Add an extra scoop of Realm's Sacha Inchi Protein Powder


Batch in bulk.

One of the coolest things about Realm's smoothie blends is that they can be batched in bulk quantites ahead of service. The product holds consistency with almost no separation due to the powdered format and proprietary recipe.

  • Pre-label cups to place on display in fridge, cooler or vending machine
  • Pour into 4oz glasses for buffet style samplings
  • Pre-batch in large container to pour as needed

We provide all you need:

  • Commercial grade blenders
  • Custom or standard stickers for labeling
  • Display signage, vinyl wraps for coolers, and more!

How to Make a 12oz Pour:

Menus, Displays, and Custom Marketing